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Release notes available here.

Android R
IMG-e-1.4-r-20220922220394-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.2-r-20220727206630-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.1-r-20220628200015-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-0.23-r-20220404175826-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-0.23-r-20220323172928-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]

Android Q
IMG-e-1.4-q-20220923220853-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.3-q-20220825213388-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.2-q-20220728206708-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.1-q-20220708202053-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.1-q-20220629200240-dev-FP3.zip [MD5 | SHA256]

Installation and build instructions can be found at our /e/ Documentation
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